Endomondo Hits 20 Million Users And Is Now Profitable

Posted Oct 17, 2013

The Endomondo Sports Tracker fitness app has hit 20 million users.  Endomondo launched the app exactly five years ago today.  Endomondo has seen a major increase in users across South America, Australia, and Southeast Asia especially.

Endomondo has also confirmed that they are now profitable.  Endomondo sells subscription services known as Endomondo Premium.

Endomondo users have tracked over 1 billion miles of activity, which is equivalent to 4,500 trips to the moon.  Over half the miles logged came from cyclists that have peddled 614 million miles.  Running is the most popular fitness activity, which accounts for 41% of total workouts.

“Our mission remains to make fitness fun by making it more social and more engaging,” stated Endomondo co-founder and CEO Mette Lykke.  “We constantly listen to feedback from our users and strive to create the best fitness app possible.  The fact that positive word of mouth has played a large role in our growth rate really indicates we are headed in the right direction.”