Eniware Creates Portable Sterilization Devices That Do Not Require Power Sources

Posted Oct 14, 2012

Eniware is a company that has secured an exclusive proprietary license from Noxilizer Inc. for their NO2 gas sterilization technology for Africa, Asia (except Japan), and the Middle East and a global license to develop portable, power- free and heat- free sterilization solutions for military and disaster relief applications.

Noxilizer develops and commercializes its patented nitrogen dioxide sterilization process for applications in hospitals, medical devices, and pharmaceutical manufacture.  The problem with many clinics and hospitals in the developing world is that infections and disease transmission is common.  Disinfection removes or kills some of the microorganisms from an object, but many diseases are still left alive especially the bacterial spores or viruses that are capable of reproduction.

Sterilization kills all microbial life like fungi, bacteria, viruses, or spores.  Currently there is no satisfactory or effective non-electricity dependent sterilization available.   Eniware’s NO2 technology has competitive advantages over existing sterilization technologies like independence from electricity and lower costs.

Eniware was founded by Dr. James Bernstein.  Dr. Berstein is a serial healthcare entrepreneur who has over 35 years of experience leading innovative enterprises.  Dr. Bernstein attended Harvard College and Cornell University Medical School.  He worked in Peru and India as a hospital based surgeon during medical school as well.

I spoke to Dr. James Bernstein and he told me that he likes to think of companies like an atom where the nucleus is like the talent of the company.  He said that Eniware’s product is a disruptive technology and is scalable.  He also said that the company’s goal is to have a major impact  on healthcare acquired infection in developing countries.

Dr. Bernstein was Chief of Staff of the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of San Diego County and was responsible for the introduction of gasoline vapor recovery for the first time in the U.S.  This is now regulation throughout the U.S. and the E.U. and he served as the Deputy Director of the Georgetown University Health Policy Center and at NIH, he headed up the efforts to assure ongoing physician competence.  He also chaired President Carter?s health policy advisory group during his first campaign for President.

Dr. Bernstein started his entrepreneurial activities by launching General Health, a health promotion company.  In 1980, Dr. Bernstein was one of the co-founders of Age Wave.  He went on to launch bioinformatics startup Informax in 1992.  He took the company public in 2000 and raised $80 million.  He also founded the first major private wholesale distribution company for pharmaceuticals in Russia in 1991.  Before starting Eniware, Dr. Bernstein started and served as CEO and Chair of the Board for Noxilizer.  Dr. Bernstein has also lectured on Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland and Georgetown.