Enterprise tag management company Ensighten receives $40 million

Posted Jan 29, 2014

Ensighten is a real-time tag management system that lets marketers add, remove, or modify third-party digital marketing tag or pixels in real-time without having to rely on IT or agencies. Ensighten has raised $40 million in venture capital from Insight Ventures. The company has raised a total of $55.5 million since being founded at the end of 2009.

“With more data being generated than ever before, it has become increasingly complex for marketers to get a streamlined view of their customers or the ability to leverage their data for personalized communications,” stated Ensighten founder and CEO, Josh Manion. “Ensighten is reinventing the interactive marketing ecosystem and we’re thrilled that Insight Venture Partners shares our vision that organizations should be able to collect, own and act on data in real time.”

Tags can add hundreds of liens of JavaScript code to a website, which slows page load performance. Ensighten lets digital marketers easily deploy and manage third-party tags from a single web interface.