EnterpriseJungle lets you discover peers inside and outside your enterprise

Posted Feb 4, 2014

EnterpriseJungle is a social service that sits on top of a corporate social network. The service recommends professional contacts that are inside and outside your company. The company also offers data analytics about how a workforce is connecting and communicates.

The company is run by brother and sister team James and Emma Sinclair. The two of them live around 3,000 miles apart as James lives in L.A. and Emma lives in the U.K. Emma is known for being the youngest person to take a company public in the U.K. EnterpriseJungle went from inception to launch in under 120 days and is being tested by Fortune 500 companies.

James Sinclair told me that the problem with “massive collaboration platforms is that people rarely use them.”

EnterpriseJungle pulls data about employees from LinkedIn and connects them to people that do not know each other, but should interact. These employees can be connected on existing corporate communication platforms like Yammer, Jive, and Salesforce Chatter.

EnterpriseJungle was accepted into the SAP Startup Focus program since they use SAP HANA. HANA is a container that is able to store up to 500TB of data and delivers at high speeds. EnterpriseJungle has not raised any outside funding.