Enthusem.com Designs Printed Greeting Cards From Online Attachments

Posted Sep 27, 2009

Enthusem.com is a new service that allows users to send printed greeting cards with online attachments. What does this mean? First you write a letter and if you want to include a link or attachment that you want the receiver to check out, you upload or link it on the Enthusem.com website. Enthusem gives you a special code that will go into the printed greeting card as well.

After the receiver checks out the attachment, the sender is sent an e-mail notification too. Sending the card anywhere in the world costs between $2 and $4.

Enthusem.com was founded by Steve Tingiris and Marc Fors. In 2006, Tingiris founded TouchTracks and sold it to Printable Technologies. Fors was the chairman of Printable Technologies before joining Enthusem.com. Angela Medlar serves as the Director of Client Services. Enthusem.com presented at the DEMO conference earlier this week.