Entrepreneur Media Bought By Austin Ventures & 2 Private Equity Firms

Posted Jun 13, 2008

Austin Ventures and two private equity firms have acquired Entrepreneur Media for a price roughly under $200 million.  Entrepreneur Media made roughly $80 million in revenues last year.  The acquisition should be finalized in July when due diligence is complete.

Seeing as how many Business 2.0 and Red Herring shut down, it is becoming clear that print publications are suffering from the competition of online publications.  With this influx of cash, Entrepreneur magazine could revamp their whole brand.

The problem I have with Entrepreneur magazine is that it features stories that are just bad.  Their Networking blog is even worse.  The stories are bland and don’t get me started on their load times due to the Digg plugin also.  Entrepreneur magazine should take the money and replicate Wired.com’s strategy.  Hire some quality writers, find a strong niche, and write interesting content for crying out loud. 

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