EPIC Complaining About Facebook To The FTC

Posted Feb 18, 2009

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is about to file a complaint against Facebook with the Federal Trade Commission.  The complain is about the new Facebook terms of service that reports that user data will be kept by the social network even after deactivation.  Zuckerberg explained that Facebook does this so that data such as sent messages don’t get deleted if a user deactivates their account.  I really see nothing wrong with this.  If people don’t like Facebook’s TOS, don’t share data.

“We think that Facebook should go back to its original terms of service,” stated EPIC Executive Director Marc Rotenberg.  The commotion around the controversy was started by the Consumerist.  Over 38,000 people have joined a group that object to the changes in the TOS.

However, other social media websites like YouTube, MySpace, and Twitter state that content distribution will cease if acconts are deactivated.  Perhaps they haven’t spelled it out in the proper legal terms that Facebook does.  I don’t know how MySpace messaging works, but if anyone has an account can they let me know whether they have messages in their inbox or friend requests pending from users that no longer have an account?  Leave it in the comments.