ePulze Builds Public Opinion Search Engine Intended For Advertisers

Posted Sep 27, 2009

As many of you know if one of your bad apple employees taint your brand, people become furious and make comments all over the Internet. This was especially evident when two disgusting Domino’s Pizza employees in South Carolina uploaded a video of themselves tampering with food. One of the employees stuck toppings up his nose and put them in sandwiches. Domino’s Pizza President Patrick Doyle made a video response apologizing for what happened.

ePulze allows you to search for brands and track how people are responding to them. The service extracts comments, opinions, reviews from forums and social networks. The ePulze search engine technology is intended for advertisers so that campaigns can be adjusted based on public opinions. ePulze launched earlier this week at the DEMO conference.

I’ve tested a few words on ePulze on the search engine, but did not have much luck getting results yet. I’m assuming that they are still tweaking a few things at the company. This post will be updated when I notice some changes.