Eric Schmidt Talks About His Book On The Colbert Report

Posted Apr 25, 2013

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt went on “The Colbert Report” on Tuesday to talk about his new book, “The New Digital Age.”  One of the first sentences in the book is that humans truly do not understand the Internet is among one of the few things humans have built that they don’t truly understand.  Schmidt said that he does not understand the Internet and that no one does.

Schmidt said that he believes that another 5 billion will be on the Internet in the next few years.  When those 5 billion shows up, he believes that some very interesting things will happen.

Colbert asked if he will remain anonymous on the Internet.  Schmidt said that he will be able to remain anonymous and continue to do nefarious things, but he will be able to have multiple identities.

When Colbert asked if he will be able to live forever, Schmidt responded by saying that his digital identity will live on forever.  Check out the video below:

The Colbert Report
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