Eric Schmidt: iAd Helps Google-AdMob Deal, Google Tablet On The Way

Posted Apr 13, 2010

Eric Schmidt was recently gave a speech at the American Society of News Editors. After his speech, the Google CEO said that Apple’s announcement about iAd helps Google’s argument with the FTC about the acquisition of AdMob.

Apple’s announcement about iAd was “evidence of a highly competitive market.” “It just seems obvious to me,” stated Schmidt. “I hope it (Google’s purchase of AdMob) gets approved.” iAd is Apple’s way of making it easier for Apple App Store developers to place advertisements on to their applications. Apple and the developer would share revenue generated by the ads. Apple paid $270 million for mobile ad company Quattro Wireless. Apple attempted to buy AdMob themselves, but Google beat them to the punch. [Reuters]

Eric Schmidt also mentioned that Google is working on a new tablet that is based on the Android operating system. Google is working with several manufacturing companies and plans to create an app marketplace around tablet devices. [NYT]