Error On Google Maps Causes Central America Border Dispute

Posted Nov 5, 2010

An error on Google Maps has caused a border dispute. A military commander in Nicaragua moved troops into an area along the San Juan Lake along the border with Costa Rica. The Costa Rica flag was lowered and the Nicaragua flag was raised. The troops also dumped sediment in Costa Rica territory.

The Nicaraguan commander Eden Pastora had used Google Maps to point out where the incursion was. The official maps used by both countries point out that the territory did in fact belong to Costa Rica. Microsoft Bing Maps did have the border correct.

Check out the image below (credit: SearchEngineLand)

Google did not know the source of the maps error, but the company said that they are making improvements to borders on the map. The Cambodian government also previously accused Google of how it was misleading people in the border between them and Thailand.