Ethan Nicholas Earns $600,000 In One Month From iPhone App iShoot

Posted Feb 13, 2009

“I’m not going to be a millionaire in the next month, but I’d be shocked if it didn’t happen at the end of the year,” stated Ethan Nicholas. “If it weren’t for taxes I would be a millionaire right now.”

Ethan Nicholas created an iPhone application called iShoot.  Even though there is about 20,000 applications available in the iTunes App Store, iShoot became popular enough to bring him a good deal of cash.  When the application rose to the number one spot in the App Store, he quit his job because he had earned $37,000 in a single day.

Steve Demeter, another iPhone application developer said he made $250,000 in two months after developing a game for the iTunes App Store called Trism.

Ethan said it wasn’t easy creating the game because he coded for 8 hours a day after coming home from his job at Sun Microsystems and was taking care of a one year old son.  He didn’t have money to buy iPhone application development books so he had to tutor himself online.

iShoot launched in October, but didn’t gain much traction.  Then he created a free, Lite version of the application called iShoot Lite.  Within the Lite version he promoted the purchase of the $3 full version.  The free version was download 2.4 million times and then the paid version was download 320,000 times.

The game made it to the number one spot and stayed there for about 26 days.  Nicholas is still waiting to get his massive check from Apple.  “I never expected to get anywhere near where I did,” Nicholas said. “And of course I’ve more than doubled [what Trism accomplished] in one month.”

Nicholas doesn’t expect to make any lifestyle changes with his new found income, but plans on hiring a nanny sometime in the near future.

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