EU Says They Are Willing To Settle Antitrust Investigation With Google

Posted Jun 1, 2012

Google has been told by the European Commission that they could be taken to court. The European Commission is investigating Google over complaints that they are stifling competition in the search market by favoring their own businesses. Several companies reported that Google is purposely tweaking their search results so that their own websites appear before their own competitors.

The European Commission said that are not in any rush to launch formal charges against Google. However the European Commission’s head of competition Joaquin Almunia has given Google a deadline of July 2nd to change their search results and ad rules of face a trial and hefty fine.

The deadlines and threats to go to court was written in a letter sent to Google. “We operate in over 100 countries around the world, and the Internet is disruptive by its nature. It’s understandable that our business should attract scrutiny and sometimes complaints in a few of those countries. We’re always happy to answer questions authorities may have about our business,” said Google in a letter to the Guardian UK.