European Commission Insists That Google Settles Investigation

Posted May 21, 2012

It has been about 18 months since the European Commission started the investigation of Google’s search practices. The European Commission has found 4 areas of concern where they believe that Google may be exploiting their market dominance. The four areas of concern were laid out by European Commission VP of Competition Policy Joaquín Almunia.

Almunia sent a letter to Google chairman Eric Schmidt insisting that the company settles “without having to engage in adversarial proceedings.”

The European Commission started in November 2010 after complaints from Microsoft and several other companies. Google is being accused of inclusion of their own vertical search services along general search results like Google Maps, Google Images, Google News, etc. Google is also being accused about Google “copying” content from other vertical search providers by indexing results from competing outlets like restaurant search websites.

The third and fourth issues are related to search ads and AdWords, meaning that Google makes it harder for websites and advertisers to diversify to other search engines.