European Regulators Wants Google To Halt New Privacy Policy

Posted Feb 3, 2012

European regulators have written to Google asking them to halt the introduction of their new privacy policy. The European regulators said that they need to investigate whether the proposals are sufficiently protecting the personal data of their users.

Google recently consolidated 60 of their terms of service documents into one single policy that will function across all of their services including Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Google+. The Article 29 Working Party and the EU’s executive European Commission said that they needed to examine Google’s privacy policies, which are expected to implemented on March 1st.

“Given the wide range of services you offer, and the popularity of these services, changes in your privacy policy may affect many citizens in most or all of the EU member states,” said the two organizations in a letter to Google CEO Larry Page on February 2nd. “We wish to check the possible consequences for the protection of the personal data of these citizens in a coordinated way.”

Google was surprised by the European Union’s reaction. “We briefed most of the members of the working party in the weeks leading up to our announcement,” stated Google Brussels spokesman Al Verney. “None of them expressed substantial concerns at the time, but of course we’re happy to speak with any data protection authority that has questions.” Google’s privacy policies outline what information the company collects from their millions of users, why it is collected, and how it is used. Google is also currently being investigated for how the company ranks its search results.