European Union Orders Google To Delete Street View [LAME!]

Posted Feb 27, 2010

The European government recently brought an anti-trust case against Google and now they want them to delete the Google Street View service in Europe. Google Street View went live in the U.K. last year and allows map users to zoom in to the street level. One of the problems that people have with Street View is that some of the images that are captured by Street View may be incriminating.

Apparently the European Union believes that this is a “data-protection” issue. “I expect that all companies play according to the rules of the game,” stated EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding.

What I like best about Google Street View is that the service has captured some of the funniest pictures that I’ve ever seen. Last month I put together a top 100 list of some of the best Google Street View pictures. Check ’em out here.