Evan Williams: ?There?s Some Misunderstanding Around Platforms?

Posted Apr 11, 2010

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams conducted an interview with The New York Times shortly after a blog post Fred Wilson wrote about how third party developers should focus on developing applications that do not fill a void with Twitter.

Those interested in the blog post controversy started a hashtag called #unionoftwitterapps. ?There?s some misunderstanding around platforms,? stated Williams in the interview. ?I?ve been trying to figure out how to talk to developers about this.?

?There are tons of opportunities created by the Twitter platform, and things that people will probably be disappointed if they invest in,? added Williams. ?It?s a question of what should be left up to the ecosystem and what should be created on the platform.?

Twitter continues to buy or develop the features that they need, whether third party developers provide them or not. Twitter acquired Summize in 2008 because they realized that they need a great search engine. [NYT]