Evan Williams On The Challenges Of Running An Internet Company Today

Posted Dec 29, 2010

Today Om Malik published an interview he did with Twitter co-founder Evan Williams on what some of the challenges of the web are today. One of the biggest challenges is that the Internet hosts an infinite amount of information.

“It seems to me that almost all tools we rely on to manage information weren?t designed for a world of infinite info. They were designed as if you could consume whatever was out there that you were interested in,” said Williams when he was asked if there is too much stuff on the web these days.

One of the most interesting questions that Malik asked Williams is: “So what does a start-up or even Twitter take into account in this scary new future?”

He responded by saying:
“It?s a really significant decision about what platforms you?re building for. No one is going to limit themselves to one platform, which is actually kind of annoying ? costs go up because have to build for android, iPhone, web, etc. It?s hard to decide. You want to be everywhere.”

I agree with Williams in this case. As a company, Pulse2 LLC is facing the same dilemma. We are an Internet content company with a mobile division. Deciding what platform we want to put apps out for is a tough choice because each market has their strengths and weaknesses. Do you develop more apps for the Apple App Store or do you explore other options like Android, Palm, and BlackBerry. Which market will make us more money?