EVE Online online battle costed over $200,000

Posted Jan 29, 2014

One of the largest online battles in history on the Internet, called B-5RB costed players of EVE Online over $200,000 in real money. EVE Online was created by game developer CCP Games. For the last 10 years, EVE Online has been used for economics, politics, and war on a daily basis.

EVE Online players pay real world currency to buy the in-game currency called InterStellar Kredit (ISK). The game reached around 500,000 unique subscribers last year. Sometimes nations in the game challenge each other for dominance, which leads to war.

Apparently the online war was triggered by the N3 Alliance failing to make payments on a territory that they were leasing after “The Halloween War.” This sent other factions into a scramble for the competing for rights to the territory.

This online war involved over 2,200 players and around 70 ships were destroyed in the process. These ships were worth around $200,000.

?I’d be lying if I said our servers weren’t sweating a bit. Allowing players free movement wherever they want in a game with over half a million players means for some pretty tricky technological requirements,? stated EVE Online spokesperson Ned Coker.

Above is a video of the war.

[Source: Silicon Republic]