Even The Apple Maps App Icon Is Flawed

Posted Sep 29, 2012

When the iPhone 5 was released with the new Apple Maps, the reviews were bad and Apple CEO Tim Cook even apologized for how bad it was.  Even the app icon for Maps was terrible.  If you look closely at the icon that Apple made for the iPhone maps app, you will see that the direction of the map in the icon makes no sense.  Above is an example that Nik Cubrilovic made.  Notice how the map is telling you to drive off the bridge.  Google exec Vic Gundotra once complimented Steve Jobs on his undeniable passion for design.  One day Jobs called Gundotra about how the second “o” in the Google logo has the wrong yellow gradient in it.  It is a small mistake to make because it is barely noticeable, but Apple is a company that is known for their perfectionism.