Eventbrite Raises $20 Million In Series D

Posted Oct 8, 2010

Eventbrite is an online tickets website that has raised $20 million in Series D funding led by DAG Ventures. Tenaya Capital and Sequoia Capital also participated in this round of funding. Eventbrite is a 4 year old start-up based in San Francisco and raised a total of $29.5 million.

Eventbrite isn’t planning on having an IPO anytime soon. ?If you see what?s out there on the ticketing side, there?s just not a lot of innovation ? it?s been a status quo industry,? said Eventbrite CEO Kevin Hartz. ?We?re really just getting started.?

Eventbrite is close to hitting $200 million in total ticket sales this year. The average ticket price is $60. The per-ticket fee is $0.99 and they get a 2.5-3% cut on every transaction according to GigaOM. Eventbrite does not offer reserved seating though.