EverFi Raises $10 Million

Posted Aug 15, 2012

is a Washington D.C. based education technology company that has raised $10 million in funding from Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com founder), Evan Williams (Twitter co-founder), Rethink Education, Tomorrow Ventures (Google chairman Eric Schmidt), New Enterprise Associates, Allen and Company, and Michael Chasen (Blackboard CEO).  EverFi raised $11 million in 2010, which puts them at over $21 million in the last 2 years.

EverFi has built an SaaS application for schools to help train students on finances, student loan default prevention, taxes, credit card debt, etc.  The application has virtual worlds (similar to Second Life) and gaming features.  EverFi has certified over 4 million students in financial skills.

Use of EverFi in public schools if funded by outside corporations and foundations that license programs.  EverFi works with around 750 corporations, foundations, and university partners like Capital One, Burger King, and PepsiCo.