Evernote Releases Update For Mac

Posted May 9, 2012

Evernote has released an update for Mac and now they are at version 3.1. Evernote for Mac now has a bunch of new features including a redesigned screen, stability improvements, new Card View, word and character counts for notes, easier attachment export, etc.

The New Card View
The New Card View replaces the thumbnail view with a completely new Card View. The design of this new Card View is similar to Evernote for the iPad.

The Card View action bar
The Card View action bar uses a sorting method on the left, two card sizes in the middle, and the ability to hide and expand the note on the right.

Word and character count
The Word and character count has been one of the most demanded features. To view the counts, tap on “i” in the top right corner of a note. The numbers are displayed in the Size section. To view the counts quickly, try the CMD+Shift+I keyboard shortcut.

Redesigned account info
Evernote redesigned the account info screen inside the app to make it easier to find your remaining monthly allowance (60MB for free users and 1GB for premium). Free users can easily upgrade to premium by clicking the upgrade button in the account info screen.

Save all attachments
Drag something out of a note onto your desktop is simple, but exporting all the files and attachments in a note is challenging. Evernote added this ability in the Mac update. Now you can export all the files and attachments in a note. You can click on a note or select multiple notes and then right-click and choose “Save Attachments.”