Everybody And Their Cat Is Now Tweeting

Posted Apr 8, 2009

Kimberly Nixon has two cats named Gus and Penny. These aren’t two ordinary cats. These cats can Twitter by themselves. Impressive eh? Thats just the beginning of it.

Gus and Penny have RFID chips attached to their collars. When one of the cats is in close proximity to the Tweeting Cat Door, the RFID reader reads the tag and the cat is authorized to walk through. The RFID reader and the servo controller to open the Tweeting Cat Door is connected to an old laptop. The software for the RFID reader and controller is powered by Delphi. Every time there is a “cat door event,” it is reported on Gus and Penny’s Twitter account.

Kim decided to put this project together because often times other neighborhood cats would stroll right into their kitty doors. The only thing I can say to this whole idea is “I CAN HAZ TWITTER!”

[via Switched]