Evidence Suggests BitTorrent Re-Branding Under The Name Gyre

Posted May 7, 2012

After the latest alpha version of uTorrent was released earlier this week, some people noticed that the ownership of the product was attributed to an unknown company called Gyre Inc. instead of BitTorrent Inc. The uTorrent team quickly fixed this and called it a “coding mistake.” BitTorrent did not confirm or deny the existence of a rebranding, but they said that they ?regularly test new brand and product names internally.?

Gyre Inc. was registered in January of this year and BitTorrent Inc. CEO Eric Klinker is listed as the service agent. The company’s address is also similar to the BitTorrent address in San Francisco.

BitTorrent Inc. also copied all of their BitTorrent trademarks for the term Gyre. The three Gyre trademarks cover devices, software, and licensing. All of these are identical to the existing BitTorrent trademarks.

“Gyre” has also appeared in the “Terms of Use” for the “Share” app released by BitTorrent Inc. a few months ago. BitTorrent developers have been referencing Gyre in their code such as plugin.btapp.js. This will be part of a released product where web browsers will be able to talk to uTorrent through a plugin.