Ex-Yahoo! Employee, David Katz Launches SportsFanLive

Posted Aug 19, 2008

David Katz used to work at Yahoo! as the head of sports and entertainment.  Katz has gone down the entrepreneurial path and has started up his own shop in the form of a sports social network called SportsFanLive.  And the site is currently in Beta. 

SportsFanLive has features such as fantasy games, customizable sports RSS feeds, profiles, news about favorite teams, video feeds, etc.  SportsFanLive has a fictitious currency used for betting against each other in fantasy sports.  The currency is called “BuxBets.” 

Katz’s biggest competitor is his former employer.  Yahoo! Fantasy Sports has one of the biggest user-bases in the fantasy sports.  TAKKLE is another competitor of SportsFanLive.  Currently SportsFanLive is only available to residents in the U.S.

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