EXAI Raises $15 Million To Help Convert Facebook Pages Into Websites

Posted Dec 18, 2012

EXAI is a company that has a platform for website creation.  The company recently launched a new platform for small and medium sized businesses for individuals to transform their Facebook Pages into fully functional websites and mobile websites for free.  The company has also raised $15 million in funding to further scale their technology and fuel business growth.  The $15 million also includes a private investment of $3 million.  There are roughly 60 million small and medium size businesses that have Facebook Pages, but do not have a website or mobile presence.  The small businesses are missing out on a way to reach their customers as a result.  EXAI’s tools allows customers to manage all of their website content via Facebook like photo uploads and then have it exported automatically to the web.

?We see an incredible opportunity to disrupt a huge market,? stated EXAI CEO Gal Moran. ?Until today, website creation had been dominated by solutions that focus on simplistic and basic websites. However, these solutions don?t effectively address the question of building an effective presence across multiple platforms. We believe that Facebook ? with a billion users and growing ? represents a natural starting point and the easiest way to build an effective presence on the web. That?s why we have built a solution that uses your Facebook page content as the basis for your website.?

EXAI offers tools to customize new websites for businesses based on how they see it fit.  The platform uses a WYSIWYG editor along with a drag-and-drop experience.  You can try the platform at this link.