Exmovere Holdings’ Chariot Makes Humans Look Like R2-D2

Posted Apr 8, 2009

For anyone that has seen how a distribution center works, you will notice that there are managers zipping to-and-fro the warehouses in chariot-like transportation gadgets. Exmovere Holdings has taken a similar concept but actually attached it to the human body. Riding around on Segways and chariots without it being physically attached to you is old school!

The Exmovere Chariot is controlled by subtle movements made by the hips and lower torso. There are sensors inside the shell which predicts the direction you would like to go based on the body movement. The Exmovere Chariot is powered by batteries and can go up to 12MPH.

And if you get too tired of standing in the Exmovere Chariot, the company is developing a way to switch to a seated position.

Check out a couple more pics after the jump:

[via GizmoWatch]