Fab.com Is Opening Their Own Retail Store In Hamburg

Posted Apr 30, 2013

Fab.com, a flash sales website that has designer products, is opening up their first brick-and-mortar retail store.  The store will be based in Hamburg, Germany rather than New York where Fab.com is based.

Hamburg, Germany is actually home to the Samwer brothers.  The brothers launched Bamarang, a Fab.com clone, in Hamburg.  Bamarang had similar products, layouts, color schemes, fonts, and photographs as the original Fab.com, according to BusinessWeek.  Copying popular web companies in the U.S. has worked well for the Samwer brothers in general.  They successfully built clones of eBay, Groupon, and Zappos.com.  The brothers have earned hundreds of millions of dollars from simply cloning ideas.  Bamarang ended up doing poorly so they shut that property down in June 2012.

So why is Fab.com opening a retail location in Hamburg?  Fab.com announced the acquisition of online custom furniture company MassivKonzept today.  MassivKonzept has a showroom in Hamburg and it will serve as Fab.com’s retail store now.  Fab.com is planning to open another showroom in Berlin where the company’s European headquarters are.

Fab.com is also enhancing the Designed By You feature through the acquisition of MassivKonzept.  Designed By You lets Fab.com shoppers order items based on their specifications.