Fab.com Holds Job Fair For Laid Off Employees

Posted Oct 17, 2013

Fab.com is a design e-commerce company that recently laid off 85 people at their office in New York.  Fab.com laid off 85 people to reduce operating costs by 30% next year. 

To help these employees out, Fab.com organized a job fair yesterday.  Around 84 of the 85 laid off employees came to the job fair (the missing employee was on vacation).  Some of the companies that participated in the job fair include Google, Gilt Groupe, OpenSky, Quirky, and Warby Parker. 

The companies were chosen based on relevant openings for Fab’s employees.  Prior to the networking sessions starting, there was cover letter seminars and resume feedback sessions.  When the event was completed, around 20 companies said that they were going to schedule interviews with the candidates.

[Source: BI]