Facebook Acquires Social Networking Software Company WhoGlue

Posted Nov 29, 2011

Facebook has acquired social networking software company WhoGlue. WhoGlue creates social networking software services for membership organizations including college alumni networks. WhoGlue even filed a patent called “Distributed personal relationship information management system and methods” in 2001, which is 3 years before Facebook launched.

What makes the acquisition interesting is that Facebook and WhoGlue battled in court over the patent in 2009. The lawsuit ended in favor of WhoGlue in March 2010. The conversations that took place after the lawsuit is what led to the acquisition.

“We can confirm that we acquired some technology developed by WhoGlue. The WhoGlue team isn?t joining Facebook and instead will continue working on its own social networking software for organizations,” stated a Facebook representative.

Facebook had also bought the stake from WhoGlue shareholders including Siemens. The acquisition did not lead to the team being hired. WhoGlue founder Jason Hardebeck plans on launching the remnants of the company under a new company called WhoGlue LLC.