Facebook Beats Google, Twitter, and Dropbox In Bidding War To Acquire Spool

Posted Jul 16, 2012

Facebook has acquired Spool, a bookmarking service that allows users to have bookmarks sent to their mobile devices. The content, articles, and videos were transformed into a format that was suitable for mobile devices before sending them off to sync in a manner that was similar to Flipboard and Instapaper.

Spool made copies of everything and stored it across several data center locations. This made bookmarks available instantly to users in the web or mobile app. It also made caching the content locally inside the app possible for offline viewing.

Google, Twitter, and Dropbox were all interested in buying Spool, but Facebook swooped in and out-bid everybody. As a result of the acquisition, Spool is being shut down and they have sent an e-mail to all of their users with their bookmarks attached.