Facebook Adding Account Verifications For Public Figures

Posted Feb 16, 2012

When a public figure joins Twitter, their brand reps are supposed contact the company to verify that is in fact that person using the account. That public figure will have a badge that says “Verified” to prove it is them using the account rather than an impostor. Facebook is going to start allowing people to verify their accounts and opt to display a pseudonym soon. People with verified accounts will gain a more prominent placement in the “People To Subscribe To” suggestions.

Birth names will still appear in the user’s profile About page. The Verified Accounts feature on Facebook will allow public figures and celebrities that go with pseudonyms be easier to find like Lady Gaga.

Soon accounts with many subscribers will receive a notification from Facebook saying to Verify their account. There isn’t a way to volunteer to be verified. Only select people will be chosen. To verify their accounts, users will be asked to submit an image of a government-issued photo ID, which will be deleted after verification.