Facebook and Pandora Apps Launch On Google Android

Posted Sep 9, 2009

This past week Facebook and Pandora applications have appeared on Google Android.  Both companies joined about 10,000 other Android applications.  This will help Android-powered mobile phones effectively compete against the iPhone, Nokia, and BlackBerry phones.

The Google Android version of the Facebook application has a news feed, friend wall viewer, photo uploader, friend adding capabilities, and social network interaction features.  The Android Facebook application allows users to add widgets to the home screen and add a phone dialer that calls friends who have phone numbers listed on Facebook. Facebook recently announced that they have about 65 million mobile users.

Pandora, the Internet radio station has also built a Google Android application.  Pandora for Android has the ability to stream music based on genre or artists.  The Pandora Google Android application can play in the background while opening other applications.  Users can also put a thumbs up or thumbs down for songs.  Pandora for Android is free and is only available in the U.S. right now.