Report: Facebook acquires Branch and Potluck for around $15 million

Posted Jan 13, 2014

Facebook has plans to improve the quality of information that is displayed in News Feeds. Today Facebook has announced that they have acquired Branch and Potluck. The terms of the transaction are unknown, but it is believed that the deal is worth around $15 million.

Branch is a service that hosts conversations by bringing brands, friends, journalists, and co-workers together to talk to each other. Potluck is an iPhone app that has bite-sized and facts made for your iPhone and a place to talk about them with friends. The Potluck app was created by Branch.

The conversations that take place on Branch can be embedded in blog posts to get a wider distribution. Branch co-founder Josh Miller said that both of the services will continue to exist following the acquisition. The Branch team is going to continue building a separate product from New York.