Facebook Chat Video & Privacy Announcement

Posted Mar 18, 2008

Earlier today, TechCrunch filmed a video (via mobile device) that shows a demo of how Facebook’s future chat application will work.  There will be an option on the bottom right of a given Facebook page to pull up a buddy list to discover which buddies are currently logged on.  Any user will be able to message their buddies through the chat application.  The presenter narrating in the video is Peter Deng, product manager of Facebook Chat.


Before Facebook launches the chat application, it may be subject to change.  The Chat application is expected to fully roll out in the next few weeks.  But in the meantime, the social network plans to introduce an increase in more advanced privacy controls tonight.  The privacy controls include restricting specific fields of your profile.  This is different than a limited profile.

A limited profile is when you restrict specific people from viewing entire areas of your profile. For example, I filled out personal information on Facebook like a paragraph abuot me and my favorite music and movies for my friends to see.  But I don’t want my friends, Fabio or Joe Schmoe to see it.  First, I would have to select personal information to be not viewable for anyone in my limited profile.  And then I would have to put Fabio and Joe as people who are only allowed to view my limited profile.  But if I wanted Fabio to be able to see my favorite music, but not know what my favorites movies were, this was not possible.  These new advanced security features make that possible.

This security improvements do not seem like the most exciting, but it definitely beats MySpace’s security abilities.  And that is something that I think Facebook has in common with their biggest investor, Microsoft Corp.  Both companies prioritize the privacy of their users.