Facebook Chatting It Up This Week

Posted Apr 6, 2008

Facebook Chat has officially been launched on a few networks and will be integrated into other networks in the coming weeks. This is huge, people. I think that this feature is just as important as when they started allowing unlimited photo upload. Recently I read somewhere that social networking isn’t very social. Writing a testimonial or on someone’s wall is as significant as leaving a stick note on someone’s fridge when they’re not there.

Seeing your friends online and talking to them is an easy way to catch up with someone in real time. I haven’t said it much since Facebook spammed me with 3rd party Applications, but well done. Maybe Digg should consider this feature for their member-base too. I’d rather have it built into the site than having to donwload additional chat software (Pownce).

Here are some screenshots I got from Inside Facebook:

Facebook Chat shows he number of all your friends that are online and has the option to embed the mini-feed.

The notifications menu has moved down to the Chat status bar.

Small screen shot of the buddy list.

Sample chat conversation

Another chat conversation screen shot


The red bubble indicates a new message.

The announcement was also made official on The Facebook Blog by Josh Wiseman.