Facebook Co-Founder, Dustin Moskowitz Leaves, But Will “Forever Bleed Facebook Blue”

Posted Oct 6, 2008

[Dustin Moskowitz, image credit: ValleyWag]

Dustin Moskowitz must have woken up one day with an epiphany.  Is there more to life than being one of the co-founders of the world’s second biggest social network?  Apparently this is the case because Dustin Moskowitz and Justin Rosenstein are stepping down to create a new venture.  Moskowitz was Mark Zuckerberg’s college roommate during the days of TheFacebook.com’s inception at Harvard University.

Facebook has been around for five years, employs over five hundred employees, built an application platform, removed “the” from the company name, and gained a valuation of several billions of dollars since Dustin joined.  Rumor has it that Dustin plans on creating an enterprise social network platform. 

Zuckerberg will continue to turn to Dustin for advice in the future. 

“Whether I work here or not, I’ll forever bleed Facebook blue. Facebook has been my passion and my purpose for the past 5 years. Our new project is not a replacement for what we build here, but instead both a complement and a compliment, and we have every intention of making it feel like a natural extension of Facebook’s product and purpose,” stated Moskowitz in a company e-mail.  “Similarly, my timing in leaving is not an indication that I have lost faith in our ability to succeed, but an affirmation in my confidence in the company’s enduring success irrespective of changing faces.”

More on this as Dustin announces his new start-up endeavour.