Facebook Controls 1 in 4 Display Ads In The U.S. [comScore]

Posted Nov 8, 2010

Web analytics company comScore is reporting that social network Facebook.com in controlling 1 in every 4 display ads in the U.S. About 1.3 trillion display ads were delivered in the U.S. during Q3 2010. This is a 22% increase from the same period last year.

During the course of the quarter, every U.S. Internet user saw about 6,000 display ads. Facebook delivered 297 billion display ads during the quarter, giving them about a 23.1% market share. Facebook is expected to hit about $2 billion in revenue this year.

Facebook’s market share increased 13.9% points from 9.2% in Q3 2009. Yahoo!’s network of sites is in second place with 140 billion impressions delivered.