Facebook Files Huge Trademark Infringement Suit Against Typosquatters

Posted Jul 28, 2011

Facebook is suing a number of entities in a trademark infringement case that addresses owners of sites that are typos of Facebook’s domain. As Bill Hartzer and Elliot’s Blog report, Facebook is suing “typosquatters” like Cyber2Media, FB Promotions/Freebie Promos, YourTick and more (25 named defendants in total) who have registered typos of Facebook’s domain. The social network filed the suit with a request to get the entities to either be relieved of their rights to the typo domains or to transfer those domains into Facebook’s property, as well as compensation for damages.

The defendants of the suit include both companies and individuals. Typo domains listed in the suit include sites like fbacebook.com, faecbook.com, ffacebook.com and more.