Facebook Releases Timeline For iPhone and Android Daily Active Users Grows At A Rapid Pace

Posted Dec 18, 2011

The Facebook for Android mobile application has finally surpassed iOS, which clearly indicates how fast Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is closing on the iPhone’s domination. The Android app launched in September 2009, which is more than a year after the iPhone Facebook app was released.

Both the iPhone and the Android app is being developed internally by Facebook. The Facebook Android app has 58.3 million daily active users (DAU) while the Facebook iPhone app is hitting about 57.4 million daily active users (DAU).

The Apple iPhone still has a higher number of monthly active users. The Apple iPhone Facebook app is seeing about 99.1 million monthly active users, while the Google Android Facebook app is seeing about 85.4 million monthly active users. Facebook for BlackBerry has 29.9 million daily active users and Facebook for Windows Phone is seeing about 360,000 daily active users.

One explanation for why Facebook’s Android app could be growing is because they have had access to Timeline earlier than the iPhone. The Timeline update for the iPhone was just released today itself while the Android has had access to that new interface for about a week or so.

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