Facebook Forced To Reveal Cyberbully Identity

Posted Jun 8, 2012

Nicola Brookes was granted a high court order after receiving “vicious and depraved” abuse on Facebook. This was triggered after she posted a comment in support of former X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza. Now Facebook will have to reveal the identities of cyberbullies that targeted her with a string of abuse messages through fake profile pages.

Brookes plans to privately prosecute at least 4 of the individual Internet trolls. Facebook will have to reveal the e-mails and IP addresses of those people. This is believed to be one of the first cases where an individual took legal action against Facebook to reveal the identity of a cyberbully. Facebook has not yet received the court order, known as a Norwich Pharmacal order. However Facebook will comply when it does.

“I want them exposed. They exposed me and they invaded my life,” said Brookes regarding the Internet trolls. “I didn’t ask for it. They wanted a reaction from me and now they have got it.” Brookes took legal action after seeing a lack of interest from the Surrey police.