Facebook Getting A Much More Useful Photo Uploader

Posted Nov 19, 2009

Facebook has been using a Java-based photo uploader for quite some time, but I have not been a fan of it since I started using a Mac. My Facebook photo uploader on my Mac Mozilla Firefox browser struggled a lot. Whenever I wanted to upload photos on Facebook, I either had to use Safari or the manual photo uploader. This is why I am feeling ecstatic that Facebook is changing their photo uploading service.

The new Facebook photo uploader can be activated [here]

The new uploader works with Mac OS, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows. The plugin installs within the browser or will need to be downloaded and installed. Below is a screenshot of how the new uploader works. Browsing folders are in a tree format. First you select the top folder, then you select the subfolder within the top folder in the next box, etc. After that thumbnails of the photos you would like to upload appear at the bottom. Select those and click upload. Voila!