Facebook Groups Now Has File Sharing

Posted May 11, 2012

Facebook has announced that people within Groups now have the ability to send files to each other. This update will have a gradual roll-out. If you do not have access to it yet, you will get it soon. Last month, Facebook Groups for Schools launched and file-sharing was a part of the service. You need a .edu address to use Facebook Groups for School.

Users will be able to upload file sizes that are up to 25MB, which is the same file size limit as Gmail. Music and .exe files cannot be transferred, but e-books, comics, music videos, and other small movies will work.

If people suspect that files are malicious, users can report files in the same way they can with other content across the website. Over 380 million people use Facebook Groups.

Facebook bought Drop.io in October 2010. Drop.io allowed people to upload a file and create a “drop” with links to the files. Drop.io was also known for having free conference calling.