Facebook Hacker Glenn Mangham Gets 8 Months Jail Time

Posted Feb 20, 2012

Twenty six year old Glenn Mangham is getting 8 months of jail time for hacking Facebook between April and May of last year. Facebook had spent $200,000 dealing with Mangham’s attempts at hacking into the social network. His actions were considered to have the potential to destroy “the whole enterprise.”

Mangham is a software development student from Cornlands Road, York. His goal was to identify vulnerabilities in the system so that he could alert Facebook. He said that he previously did the same thing to Yahoo! However prosecutor Sandip Patel said that Mangham “acted with determination, undoubted ingenuity and it was sophisticated, it was calculating.”

“The prosecution does not accept that the defendant’s actions were anything other than malicious,” added Patel. Mangham accessed Facebook’s servers and stole “invaluable” intellectual property, which he downloaded on to an external hard drive.