Facebook Has A Valuation Of $41 Billion Based On Secondary Markets

Posted Nov 15, 2010

According to a report by Bloomberg released this morning, Facebook stock is trading at a valuation of $41 billion based on secondary trading markets. Facebook’s stock is trading at about $16, which puts the company ahead of eBay’s market cap of $39.3 billion. This makes Facebook the #3 biggest web company. Keep in mind that Facebook is still a private company and these numbers may not necessarily reflect upon how Wall Street would react to an IPO.

While this valuation number is substantial, there has been reports that Facebook is worth even more than that. Lou Kerner, a former analyst at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs pegged Facebook’s valuation at $59 billion for 2011 and $100 billion in 2015. “It could be a bargain at $41 billion,” said Lisa Buyer, the founder of IPO Consulting firm Class V Group. “We won’t know until it trades on the public markets.”