Facebook Hires Atsushi Iwashita As Head Of Japan Division

Posted May 17, 2013

Facebook has hired a new executive in Japan.  Atsushi Iwashita (pictured) is a former marketing executive at McDonalds and Boston Consulting Group.  Iwashita will work as a Managing Director at Facebook Japan as reported by Markezine.  Iwashita was most recently the CEO of a brand consulting company called Interbrand Japan.

Facebook Japan competes intensely against a local social network company called Mixi.  Mixi recently hired Yusuke Asakura, 30, as their CEO.  Mixi selected a younger CEO because they want to focus on capturing younger audiences and increase their presence on mobile devices.  Asakura is the second CEO in Mixi’s nine-year history.

Facebook Japan recently surpassed Mixi in terms of the number of registered users in the country.  Facebook Japan surpassed Mixi in September 2012 when they started hitting 15 million monthly active users there.  This was huge because Japan was one of the few remaining countries that they were not the leading social network.  The two companies are neck-and-neck right now for being the leading social network in Japan right now.

Other social networks that are growing quickly in Japan includes Path.  Path launched in Japan a couple months ago with a major focus on stickers and virtual content.  Path said that Asia as a whole was their fastest growing regions, specifically Japan and Korea.