Facebook Hires “Hacker Dojo” Organizer David Weekly

Posted Mar 24, 2013

Facebook has hired David Weekly to work on their Platform team.  The Platform team works on tools that lets third party developers access the social network for usage on their own apps.  The team also manages the relationships with these developers.

David Weekly is known for organizing coding events.  He also created a community center for coding known in Mountain View, California known as “Hacker Dojo.”

Before joining Facebook, Weekly ran a startup company called Gaston Labs.  Gaston Labs’ flagship product is known as Ohana, which is a service used for building creative newsletters.  Ohana will be shutting down.

Gaston Labs’ other co-founder Nathan Schmidt is also joining Facebook.  Facebook is not acquiring Gaston Labs.  “The talent behind Gaston Labs has a long history of building great social products and a passion for working with developers We’re excited for them to join Facebook and look forward to seeing what they will accomplish,” said Facebook in a statement.