Facebook Hires Ivan Kirigen From TipJoy

Posted Aug 23, 2009

Micro-payment service Tipjoy attempted to sell itself, but it turns out that they will be shutting down instead.  Facebook even offered Tipjoy $5 million in stock.  Facebook walked away from the deal and Tipjoy shut down shortly after.

Even though Tipjoy decided to shut down, Facebook was able to hire one of the company’s executives.  Facebook hired Tipjoy co-founder and CTO Ivan Kirigin.  Although it is uncertain about what Kirigin will be working on, it is expected to be something related to Facebook Payments.

The reason why Tipjoy shut down was because Kirigan was not around after Facebook made him an offer.  PayPal and Twitter were both interested in buying out Tipjoy too.  Y-Combinator, Chris Sacca, The Accelerator Group, and Betaworks invested over $1 million in funding.