“Pull Down To Refresh” Designer Loren Brichter Working On Facebook User Interface

Posted Apr 16, 2013

Loren Brichter is a developer and designer that is now working at Facebook, according to TheNextWeb.  Brichter has not confirmed whether he is employed by Facebook directly or not, but Facebook User Interface Designer Mike Matas sent out the tweet below:

Really excited to have @lorenb helping my team out at Facebook.

— Mike Matas (@mike_matas) April 16, 2013

Brichter is known for developing a Twitter client app called Tweetie and a word game called Letterpress.  Twitter ended up acquiring Tweetie and Letterpress was downloaded millions of times. 

Brichter, 28, is known for developing a popular iOS feature where pulling at the top of the screen refreshes the page of an app.  Brichter is also known for developing a common user interface trick where panels slide out from the side of an app.